Campsite and Cottage

Orchard Superior Campsites

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For your more casual campers who likes to have a bit of class with camping. Spacious sites.  Every site have its own private bathroom,  just for your site. The sites are located on the river bank. No risk for flooding and safer for small toddlers. 

  • Number of sites: 8 sites
  • Location: All sites are on the river bank in the orchard.
  • Access to power points (normal 3 point) and water taps.
  • Grass, soil covered, picnic table
  • Afternoon shaded
  • Each site have its own braai
  • Sites includes your own exclusive private bathroom (2 x showers and 1 toilet)
  • River can be accessed via main site
  • Total of guests:  2 - 4 people

Standard River Campsite

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These sites are against the river.  Spacious, grassy area. Great for swimming or fishing. 

  • Number of sites:   6 sites
  •  Location:  All sites are against the river on a river bank.
  • Access to power points (normal 3 point) and water taps.
  • Grass, soil covered
  • Shade is available on site 1,2,3,6.  Site 4 and 5 are semi shaded
  • 3 communal braai areas. Welcome to bring your own braai
  • SHARED FACILITIES. 2 showers,two toilets and a small scullery. No fridge facilities.
  • River is about 2 meters deep - ideal for fishing, swimming, floating. 
  • Total of guests:  24 - 30 people


Bush Camp Standard Sites

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These sites are located away from all the other sites. Spacious and green.  The river is shallower and great for kids, doggies.  The sites are a bit more "wild" with a solar powered showers available. We recently added power points in the site, which makes it a little bit "wilder"

  • Number of sites: 4 sites
  • Location: All against the river,  at the end of a fruit orchard. Away from the main site
  • Access to power points (normal 3 point) and water taps
  • Fully grass covered
  • Shade is very limited.  Gazebo are recommended. 
  • 3 communal braai areas. Own braai are welcome
  • Solar powered warm water. 2 showers and two toilets(solar powered)
  • River is about knee height. Ideally to cool down or for kids/dogs.  Swimming area is just around the corner at the main site. 
  • Total of guests: 16 - 20 people

Willow Tree site 

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This site are located between the river and bush camp site.  A bit more space and a bit more privacy.  The site are against the river, where the mountain stream and the river meets.  Nice fresh flowing water coming past your site. 

  • Number of sites: 1 site
  • Location: Against the river between the main and downstream site. More private.
  • Access to a power point (normal 3 point) and water tap. Just bring extension. 
  • Grass covered
  • Fully shaded. Big willow tree. 
  • 1 braai drum. Own braai are welcome
  • The bathroom are located at the river site and are shared. 
  • River is where two streams meet. Nice river stream sound. Swimming and fishing area. 
  • Total of guests: 2 - 4 people


Self catering unit

Info on cottage

The cottage are located away from the campsites.  Against the river.  It is fully self catering cottage. 

  • Sleeps:  4 persons. One double bed and two sleeper couches in lounge. 
  • Location: On the river bank. Close to a orchard and the campsites. 
  • Normal house hold appliances. Microwave, oven, stove, fridge, toaster, kettle, radio etc.
  • Outside braai, inside fireplace (coal stove)
  • Free Wifi
  • Linen and towels are included
  • The cottage is a duplex and the top part can be rented out on request. 
  • One toilet and shower
  • Total of guests: 2 - 4 people